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Monday, April 25, 2005

Camouflage and Ballet Slippers

We are still waiting for the ever elusive final home study to be completed. L&I decided to go ahead and get all of the other paperwork certified and authenticated while we are waiting and we will have the home study and USCIS approval expedited (read pay loads more money to get done quickly)once it finally arrives. If we do this if there are any errors or anything that needs clarification in the rest of our dossier we can get those corrected without holding up the process by waiting to send the whole thing together. Besides, this makes me feel like I am still moving forward which makes L happy because he does not like it when his half crazed wife with glassy eyes stares at him at 3:00 am wanting to know how a home study could be so complicated as to hold up the process as long as it has. So, I will be taking Friday off from work, driving to the Great Seal then sending the documents via courier to the Chinese Consulate next week.
L is leaving soon for a two week trip which involves hunting large scary bears. We decided to take a trip to Cabela's yesterday to pick up any last minute items he needed. In my mind, last minute items fell into the -great I can spend time with my husband, get a free breakfast and lunch out of the day and be home in time to cook dinner-no way, no sirree. Not on the same page as my husband at all, heck probably not even reading from the same book. We had to SET THE ALARM to be sure that we were awake by 6:00 am on the road by 7:00 am then proceeded to spend the entire day in that store-we did not leave there until 5:00 pm. If the amount of money that we spent on "last minute items" really was for things he thought of at the last minute then I am probably very glad that I have no idea how much he spent really getting ready for this trip.
Anyway-while wandering the store for hours we began talking about Koli. I started telling him about how excited I was that we would be able to buy a pink Barbie Jeep(this topic came up on one of the lists I visit so I was pretty geeked) for her to ride around in instead of the big blue Monster Truck that the boys had when they were small. He looked at me as if I had grown a third eye and calmly began telling me that there would be no pink Jeep, that they now make gas powered mini-4 wheelers (in camo color of course). Which started a whole huge conversation about how we were going to decorate her room-in my minds eye I can envision ballerinas and princesses and beautiful tones of pinks and purples and greens, while having this conversation we are wandering through the home furnishing section of the store when all of a sudden L stops, his eyes begin to bulge and he can hardly speak, so he points. My eyes follow his pointy finger to see what has him so dog gone excited. His finger is pointing towards a very small child size recliner and couch-in camo!! His words start tumbling out very quickly something like this "I'mexcitedIcan'tbelievetheymakethisstuffsosmallshecanhavetheseinherroomitwillbesocool" What?! I have parented three boys into men, had to look the other way when they wanted to decorate their rooms in posters of pin-up girls, placed permanent room deodorizers in half of my house, pretended to love listening to the heavy metal bands that I cannot for the life of me understand the lyrics to and now L thinks that Koli should have her very own camo colored 4 wheeler and camo colored furniture? I have no idea how I am going to incorporate camo and ballerina slippers into a decor that works but boy am I glad that I'm going to get the opportunity to try.

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