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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Is it a homestudy?

I am very scared to post this for fear that I will jinx myself. I received an email from my social worker today telling me that our homestudy should be in the hands of the USCIS today!!!! I'm a little scared to believe it since we just went through the whole*you will have your home study tonight but not really fiasco* but if this is true-holy cow!!!! So I have tears in my eyes, fear in my heart (that it maybe didn't really go out like she said)and overwhelming joy at the prospect that we may be so close to the end of the great paper chase and edging ever closer to the big "wait". I can take the "wait" I think better than this cycle that we are in. At least with the "wait" I can pretty much know that it will be 6 months at the earliest before we know who Koli really is.
Who Koli really is....what a statement. I already know her in my heart. She is my daughter. What joy that gives me to write s-h-e i-s m-y D-A-U-G-H-T-E-R!!!! I may not know what she physically looks like yet but I feel that on the deepest level our hearts are already connected.

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