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Monday, April 25, 2005

It's a Two-fer

Some days I can't bring myself to post anything just because there has been no activity to report. Other days (like today) I feel like I have so much to say that I could post twice. So that's what I am doing. I sent an email to my social worker to see what the status of our home study was. She responded by telling me that she has not been able to open up the rough draft that I had emailed her last week. I know that she successfully opened it last week because I was on the phone when she did it. So the wait continues...
My family is getting me so excited. I love to talk to my older sister about Koli. She seems so genuinely interested and happy for us that I wish I could wear my cell phone permanently attached to my ear and talk to her continuously. She really is one of our biggest cheerleaders and it makes me so happy! She lives halfway across the country from me but you can bet that I will move heaven and earth to get her home to meet Koli once we return from China. L keeps telling me that if he is unable to make the trip (depending on the time of travel vs. his work schedule) he wants me to take my sister. She is very crafty (in the true sense of the word craft, like making craft-like items-not in the icky sense of the word like sneaky crafty) and I have no idea how she creates all of the really cool things that she does for her children. For a time she lived close to us and I can remember being so envious of her children for having such a fun mom.
My mom and I were on the phone today and I approached her about the idea of having her travel with me and Koli when I have to go out of town for my job. She was very supportive and enthusiastic about the idea which made me so excited. I don't get enough time with my mommy (my own fault) and the thought of being able to experience new things with both her and Koli just puts a smile on my face. How fun to be able to look forward to making my travel for my job not just a job but an adventure! I think my heart would be ripped out if I had to leave Koli with L (not that he wouldn't do a great job) but the boys were old enough to understand what I was doing when I first started going out of town on business and I never want to do anything to make Koli doubt her level of security and well being from her mommy and daddy before she can understand it all. Besides, I'll help her rack up her own set of frequent flyer miles (and my mom) which will enable us to travel to see W more often wherever he lands for his permanent duty station.

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Christi said...

Oh, melt my heart, would ya?!?!? Anyway, I'm at work (KVTE) getting ready for my next show and while I wait for the computer to do its thing, I just realized I can keep writing! So I thought I'd check the Kolaina blog and see the new developments. I'm Koli's aunt. Funny--I thought about what a great mom you are and what a sweet home you have, and then I started decorating my house to make it more like Suzi's! When you walk in Koli's mom's house, you KNOW that her kids are LOVED!!!!

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