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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

I can't believe how negligent I've been in keeping up with this blog lately. It certainly isn't because of lack of things happening at Casa de Dreamsicle that's for sure. So much to update-are you ready?

1. Chester is currently winging his way back to the good ole' USA! That's right, he is officially out of Iraq. I had no idea how much stress I actually surpressed over the course of the last 7 months until I received the call telling me that he was out of harms way. Once I heard his voice telling me "Mama, I'm coming home" I immediately started sobbing. Like a baby. Big, messy, cry my eyes out tears of joy that lasted for hours. He decided to stay out in Cali to attend the Marine Corps Ball before coming home so we won't actually see him until just before Thanksgiving but man am I happy.

2. After months of anticipation, U*Haul finally proposed to Pixie! Yep, the two are gittin' hitched! Not quite sure of the date yet, it will be sometime in the warm-ish months of 2008 but they need to figure out U*Haul's training schedule first.

3. That's right-I said U*Haul's training schedule. He leaves in February for boot camp. He joined the Navy. Going to be a submariner (can we all channel the Beattles now and start singing We All Live On A Yellow Submarine?) The funniest thing I heard was when I told Chester about U*Haul's decision to join the Navy and be on a sub. He was outraged-telling me to tell U*Haul to pick a different job. When I asked him why he was so upset, he said "doesn't he realize how close of quarters you live in when you are on a sub?" I had to remind him that Gee-maybe this piece of advice coming from a guy who has to sleep sitting up in his tank while on missions may not be such a great thing. We both laughed at that one.

4. Dreamsicle is growing by leaps and bounds. I had her evaluated by Early On and she has a little of a gross motor delay but cognitively she tests above her age group so Mama is happy, happy, happy! She wanted to be a Princess for Halloween (like that surprised anyone). She was set on being 'rella (as in Cinder-ella). I took her to the Disney Store to pick out her Cinderella costume and when we got there she looked over the Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Costumes but didn't seem too excited. That all changed when she turned around and saw the Gold Bling that was Belle's costume. So she dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast~complete with light up shoes, light up sceptor and crown. She was gorgeous and she had a great time. Pictures to follow as soon as I locate my USB cable.

5. My travel schedule is brutal right now so I've been having Dreamsicle travel with me. Last week we had Aunt Genious accompany us to Chicago for a conference where Dreamsicle made her maiden voyage to the American Girl store. She chose a bitty baby and promptly named her Mamie. So Mamie the baby now goes everywhere with us. I have a conference in Orlando beginning Saturday so Pixie is going with me to care for Dreamsicle while I'm in classes. We have the Belle costume packed and should be posting some great pic's of her at Disney next week.

Well there you go-the update on the McGyver family. Life is good!

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