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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007~Broken, Shattered and Scratched

Let me start out by saying that it was marvelous having the whole family together for Thanksgiving. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than having my boys and daughter in love assemble at the house with Dreamsicle, McGyver and I, allowing me to cook for them. The turkey was moist, pies were devoured and there was nary a spec' of mashed potatoes left in the bottom of the bowl.

Having said that, the day did not turn out as planned...

I must have had a pie spill over in the bottom of the oven (how I have no idea, since the pies were on a baking sheet). I did not notice this until I placed the turkey in the oven and the smoke detectors started screaming. When I looked into the kitchen, there was smoke billowing out of the oven! Since you may recall we moved this summer, we had no idea that the smoke detectors were hard wired into the security system. It took us 15 minutes to finally figure out that removing the batteries from the smoke detectors while opening every window and door in the house was not going to stop the blasted noise. We finally had to unplug the battery for the security system to have some peace.

During Dreamsicle's birthday party, I had asked a friend of mine to be in charge of taking pictures with my camera. Somehow during the course of the festivities, a beverage managed to make its way into every nook and cranny in my camera. It started to work after it was dried out but decided to die an untimely death on Thanksgiving. I have absolutely no pictures of the fam for this holiday.

It is a McGyver family tradition that we put our Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving. While the boys were out in the garage getting the Christmas decorations from the rafters, they managed to drop the rubbermaid container that held all of our ornaments. All but 12 broke. All of the hand made ornaments that the boys had made over the years that I treasured, all of the ornaments that my father purchased each year in honor of Angel Baby, all gone. I actually think I lost my speech center of my brain for a while when that happened.

And then to top it all off~Chester must be used to driving a very big tank that has nothing in its way. Aunt Genious stopped by the evening of Thanksgiving, Chester was pulling out of the driveway in my car (the one I purchased a year ago) and clipped Genious' truck with my car. Both vehicles have scratches the entire length of the autos.

So-it will be a holiday remembered for alot of reasons, gave me an awful lot of time to remember what is important (the camera, ornaments and vehicles are just things-the health of my family is of the most importance to me).

But lets all hope Christmas goes a little better

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Susan said...

I *heart* you to pieces. No photos but the recount of this brought a smile to my face and warmth into my heart.

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