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Monday, November 19, 2007

If I Could Only Find My USB Cable

I would be posting many, many pictures. Pictures of Dreamsicle at the Magic Kingdom when she met Belle. Pictures of her at the resort-especially of her while she was "phwimming".

I would also be posting pictures of Chester's homecoming last night. I laid eyes on him and the river of tears began flowing again. He was no sooner out of the protected part of the concourse at the airport then my arms were around his neck, I was sobbing the big messy tears again and he was lifting me up in his arms in the sweetest hug I have ever felt in my life. The Patriot Guard was there and I guess there was much, much clapping that ensued. Not only from the members of the Patriot Guard and our assembled group of family and friends but everyone else in the terminal at that time. I honestly did not hear one sound other than the words "I love you mama and I'm home" that came from Chester's sweet lips.

We arrived home and U*Haul came in. Despite the late hour (1:00 am by that point) we stayed up a while and talked with Chester. McGyver and I finally gave in and went to bed. This morning my alarm clock rang at 5:30 for me to get up and get ready for work, before I left I crept into Chester's room and he was wide awake. I asked him why and he told me that U*Haul had just left. Oh how my heart if full. Two of my boys stayed up all night reconnecting. The last time that happened involved flashlights and a tent made of sheets over their bunk beds many, many years ago.

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