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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

We have had a fairly easy time with Dreamsicle and her transition into our family. We've hit our first major bump in the road and it is tearing my heart out. There have been some changes at her day care providers home and I think they have rocked her world. Her favorite friend had to have a tonsillectomy so she was gone for two weeks. The very first day her friend wasn't at day care a brand new baby was added to the daycare fold. Our Dreamsicle loves order and has a hard time with change. Being not yet two, I'm not sure what she processed when one day she went to daycare and her *friend wasn't there but there was a new baby in her place. Did it trigger something from her past? Since that time she has had a difficult time sleeping at night. She wakes up multiple times and cries big my -heart- is -breaking sobs which require me to actually pick her up and rock her to get her to calm down. She has also started to be too friendly. Which of course has me convinced that all of the work we have done to promote attachment has failed and I. am. the. worst. mother. in. the. world. therefore she cannot attach. The right side of my brain knows this is not the truth, she certainly knows who her parents are. Attachment is an ongoing process. It doesn't happen over night, or even over the course of months. But the left side of my brain cringes every time she waves hi at every stranger she sees, asks to be picked UP by random people in the grocery store and will blow kisses to anyone who looks her way. Dudes, that bothers the heck out of me. The two of us are hunkering down this weekend, spending a very low key weekend at home. We can just gaze dreamily into each other's eyes, have ticklefests and feed each other cheerios while reading books. And if that doesn't help her to feel more secure I just may **tie her arms to her side when out in public to help her resist the urge to want to please those she doesn't know.

*her friend came back to daycare last Wednesday

**no, I really don't intend to tie her arms down

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