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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Cabela's -- Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender

I know that I should probably write about the significance of this day now that Dreamsicle is in our lives. I should say something heartfelt about her first mom and the incredible gift she gave us but it is still too new and too personal to share with everyone out in Blogistan.

Instead I wanted to share my gifts.

From X*Boy I received a very nice card and a half gallon of Moose Tracks Ice Cream (my fave)

From Chester I received a 5:00 am wake up call from the Sandbox wishing me a happy mother's day.

From U*Haul and Pixie I received a singing card that Dreamsicle insists on carrying around, opening up and getting her groove on to, a full length mirror and a hanging planter.

But Dreamsicle knew that her mommy needed just the right thing for the floating playpen and got me the gas powered blender shown at the top of this post. This babe knows her mommy well.

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Susan said...

Suh-weet! Bet it'll make some kicking margaritas!

Happy Mother's Day (late)

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