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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jumbled Thoughts

I have so much stuff running around inside this ol head of mine that it is hard to get it out in writing. Wierd stuff. Stuff like-I had a few blouses that had an asian style to them that I used to wear back in the day. I like that style. Now I feel funny wearing them. I feel like I'm trying to hard to be asian since I adopted if I wear that style clothing. Told ya it was wierd.

And-Chester is coming home for his predeployment leave soon. He has requested that we throw him a going away party. I have decided to call it the Sandbox Sendoff party. With a name like that, what kind of decorations would be appropriate? Do I buy a bunch of little sand pails and have people drink out of those instead of glasses? Do I really want to see a bunch of grown men drinking out of plastic sand pails?

And-watching the weather report, hoping furiously that we would get slammed so hard with ice that I could take the day off just to spend it with her.

And-worrying constantly that I'm scarring her for life every time I have to go out of town on business and she stays home with McGyver. (Not because McGyver doesn't do a great job with her but because I'm leaving her)Last week it was Vegas. McGyver didn't feel Dreamsicle was old enough to appreciate all that Vegas has to offer so he stayed home with her. Once again I was met with the cold shoulder for a few minutes when they picked me up from the airport.

And-we have it so easy with Dreamsicle. I read other people's blogs and read about the challenges they face and tend to question our happy little existence. Some bloggers seem to think that those of us that write only good things must either be in denial or lying. But really. It has been so easy with her. I'm not sure if it is because we raised 3 boys each a year apart from each other so I've known the meaning of chaos and utter exhaustion. And that after that experience having one wee lil' non demanding girl is a piece of cake. Part of me tends to panic in the middle of the night though. What if we do have it too easy? What if she is really still so shut down that she doesn't feel comfortable enough yet to give us her opinion? But then she will do something like start crying in the middle of dinner because she wants "dat" while pointing to a pickle and I am somehow strangely reassured.

Dreamsicle will be 19 months old tomorrow! 19 months! Wow. Her vocabulary is still growing. I love, love, love it when I ask her what sound a horse makes and she neighs. It is hysterical. She has begun this week to take our hands or pull on our pants to get us to go where she wants us to go. And she does not take no for an answer. Last night I had a pair of yoga pants on (relax people I didn't go out in them, just wearing them in the house) and she wanted me to go with her. She grabbed hold of my pants and started walking. Since we have a slight height difference while she was pulling I could feel my pants slipping further and further down my waist. Glad we didn't have company!

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