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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Once A Klutz Always A Klutz...

We went out to dinner with friends this past weekend. I was wearing some cute spiky heeled pumps and thought I was "all it". Right up until the time the hostess was seating us at our table and my heel got caught in the floor register. Yep, sashaying through the restaurant, me leading our party of four and McGyver in the back and I get stopped by the evil vent in the register. Thinking that I could save face if I could get my shoe out quickly, I tugged on my foot, hard. The shoe didn't budge but I did manage to pull the register vent right out of the floor! Still stuck to my heel I might add. I realized the gravity of the situation and did what any one with my past history would do-yelled at McGyver to "get it off me!!" McGyver came to my rescue once again, dislodged the evil vent from my shoe and we proceeded to our table, where I promptly turned 7 shades of red and my husband just sat and shook his head. When I asked him why he was shaking his head he told me that when he noticed the hole in the floor (where the vent used to be) he knew he had better look for me, I must be the one wearing the vent.

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Debbie said...

I have just finished reading your blog and you come across as such a warm and lovely person! Dreamsicle is gorgeous too and I am really happy for you all.

Debbie in the UK

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