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Saturday, February 17, 2007


We have decided not to pursue a 2nd adoption. Although it would be wonderful for Dreamsicle to have a sibling closer to her age, the reality is that that isn't the right reason to add another person to this family. Dreamsicle sort of lives this charmed life right now where she is constantly surrounded by love. Even the few hours each week she spends in daycare are filled with harmony since the other 3 toddlers seem to be pretty mellow and she never comes home with bruises, cuts or bites.

We had our 6 month post placement homestudy done last Friday and the social worker brought her daughter who was adopted at the same time as Dreamsicle. Her daughter cold-cocked Dreamsicle with a block at one point and then pushed Dreamsicle off of my lap at another point. Seeing this behavior, which is typical toddler, really brought it home that Dreamsicle is such a happy little girl-who definately has the most loving and kind spirit of any child I have ever met-deserves to keep her "love circle" for as long as she can.

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Anonymous said...

We are right there with you on this one. Given our ages, and the fact that we'll have a grandchild within 1 year of Sarah, she'll be our "only".
Such a sweet little Dreamsicle :)

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