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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Misadventures of Lingerie

I'm thinking about renaming this blog Inside Out Underwear. Bet that would get some people's attention. New readers would think the name came from having an almost toddler running around but you all would know the truth.

I bought some new "pretty lingerie" the other day. Woke up late and threw some new underwear on. Got to work, used the restroom and realized that not only was I wearing my new delicates inside out, but backwards as well. Did I fix them? Heck no! I called McGyver and made fun of myself. At the end of the conversation he begged me not to try to fix them. When I asked him why, this is what he said: Your work restroom has alot of stalls, I can just see you peeling them off, turning them the right side in, sticking your leg through the hole and getting your foot stuck. You know what would happen? You would start hopping around, hit the door, the door would pop open and there you'd be. Please just live with it until you get home, okay?

Yesterday I wore the same unmentionables (on the right way this time) and was conducting an interview only to have the strap of the camisole break. In half. During the interview. I spent the rest of the interview with my arm propped up against my chin to hold the fabric up.

I think I'll leave this set at home.


Susan said...

I should probably post as anonymous - or really just not at all on this. But, since you were so gracious, I'll share, too. Last week I put on my undies - not special ones just regular, everyday ones. Will and I went out and I told him I think I had put them on backwards as they were, uh-umm, riding up. He laughed about it and when we came home, I checked it out (which he thought was way amusing, too) Come to find out, nope. They weren't on backwards, my backside has gotten bigger and there's not enough to cover the tushie anymore. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Heck, sometimes I just take them off and enjoy the breeze.

April :) said...

Only You... God does have a sence of humor doesn't He?
Your almost there... to hold your daughter in your arms.... try to scream quietly, inside your head, so you don't scare her ;) There will be plenty of time for squealing once she gets to know you. As a matter of fact I'm sure she'll squeal just like you in no time!!! Enjoy babydoll... it's your time to 'Shine'!!!

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