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Friday, April 21, 2006

Elvis Lives!

And dudes, he's a very quick changer. McGyver and I just returned from Vegas this morning. As we were walking down the strip we would see Elvis! dressed in a black shiny sequiny jumpsuit if we looked to our right. We would then go a few blocks and see him again-being the quick changer that he is he would be in his white shiny sequiny jumpsuit. More Elvis' per square foot than I have ever seen in Vegas before. Kinda freaky.

I had a conference in Vegas that I was exhibiting at. Can anyone tell me why the maintenance staff of one very large, fancy schmancy hotel on the end of the strip would ever think it was a good idea to replace loose granite on a wall right next to my booth at the exact moment that the exhibit hall opens up for the first time? The odor was horrific and needless to say I spent a rather lonely day trying to get people to dare hold their breath long enough to come see me. I tried juggling with my cool give-aways, tried smiling really big and bright, all to no avail. Me and two other vendors were like lepers. But hey, after inhaling the fumes for quite some time we became increasingly happy and hungry. I made my way back to the room once the expo hall closed and I'm fairly certain McGyver thought I had stopped at the bar somewhere.

Overall the trip was great but I'm glad to be home. Of course I managed to perform the usual klutzy things that I normally do. I wore a new halter style dress to dinner our first night and while attempting to get out of the taxi I got kind of tangled up in my dress, causing my boob to fall out. The cabbie loved that one-said I didn't need to worry about tipping him, he just got a big one! Funny guy. The strap on my computer bag got caught on the armrest of the plane while I was attempting to deplane. I didn't realize it until I was yanked backwards while trying to walk forward. The list goes on and on. At least I'm a source of entertainment.

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