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Monday, April 10, 2006


A warm sunny vacation was just what I needed. We spent time with my father in law, took his boat out into the Gulf of Mexico and fished on the first day we were down there. We saw sea turtles live and up close and caught sharks! Sharks that were about 2-3 feet in length but how fun to be able to say that I caught a shark. McGyver and I spent some quality alone time having dinners at restaurants overlooking the Gulf , gorging ourselves on seafood and taking long walks on the beach. We spent family time with Pixie and U*Haul on the beach a couple of days and ventured to Mexico. I was able to sleep in, clear my head and just......breathe. We spent 8 glorious days in the sunshine so now I have a well earned sunburn and a peeling forehead but it was so worth it. We drove to South Padre Island and coming back we stopped by Fort Knox to spend some time with Chester. When we arrived home X*Boy had painted Dreamsicle's room! Yeah-one task down in the transformation of Chester's old room into Dreamsicle's hawaiian frog heaven. Next week McGyver and I are headed to Vegas so for now I'm keeping myself at an arms length from all things adoption (except for moving forward on Dreamsicle's room) and just enjoying my family. I hope this week all of my fellow waiting families are able to find peace as well.

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Aimee said...

I'm relaxed just reading the post. Thanks!

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