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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dog gone it

Dog gone it. This wait is becoming endless. Endless. E-N-D-L-E-S-S. We just got word that referrals were mailed today. They covered May 31-June 6th. Just in case anybody has forgotten (because I don't whine about it enough) our LID is June 20th. Talk about having a hard time planning anything. This could extend out as far as July or August if the CCAA keeps referring at this slow of a pace. I sent my check in today to the USCIS because the wait has extended so far out that we will have to be refingerprinted. One of the women that has the same LID as us called me while we were in Vegas all excited because she just "knows" we are going to get our referral in May and isn't that just so exciting? I have no idea how she figures that is going to happen. Not at this pace.

It is so wierd. The week of referrals used to be such an exciting time for the people that were waiting. The wait has gotten to be so long that I know alot of us now dread it more than look forward to it. Instead of being able to see yourself steadily moving forward you now see how far you really have left to go.

I'm going to continue to work on Dreamsicle's room. My digital camera broke so I can't post pictures until I get it repaired. I need to keep reminding myself to take positive steps forward. I see shopping in my near future, lots and lots of shopping.

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