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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What Did You Say?

I love my extended family. They are one great bunch of individuals. When I told them all that we were adopting, a few had their mouths open unintentionally, more began to speak enthusiastically, and a couple even cried (good tears, not holy cow are you absolutely out of your minds get the straight jacket kind of tears). The few that were shocked were classy enough not to say anything negative. I have two aunts that were present when I made the announcement. Boy do I love those ladies. Both were so loving and excited. I was engulfed in a room full of love.

After announcing to my family of our intentions and getting a really positive response I thought that I could tackle the world and everyone would be just as enthusiastic. I was so wrong. To anyone that is reading this (and you may or may not know who you are) let me educate you a little bit. We decided to adopt Koli (that's right, Koli-short for Kolaina-and I do not care whether or not you like the name, if I wanted to get your opinion I would have called you on the phone and invited you over to my house to have a let's name the H's daughter party, notice the lack of invitation?) our daughter, from China because that is where the Lord is leading us. No, I have no desire to have another biological child so that she would really be ours-Koli really will be ours. No, I do not care to "borrow" your daughter to see what I am getting myself into. Yes I am sure that we are supposed to do this even "at our age". No I have not lost my mind-okay maybe I have but I assure you that if I have lost it, it happened somewhere over the Atlantic years ago, but that's a whole different story.
(Sorry, I have the italic's thing stuck right now so the rest of this will be written like this unless I can figure out how to turn it off!)

To all of our family and friends that have been supportive-thank you, thank you, thank you. Your encouragement and support is what keeps us going some days. You all make the disappointment we feel at those that try to steal our joy bearable.

And as I was saying-I love my extended family-the classiest bunch of people I know. :)


Christi said...

You are so sweet.

April :) said...

Now you can imagine what Noah must have gone thru building that ark!God calls us to do some crazy things at times... but then again you always were crazy, that's what I LOVE about YOU!!! I am so excited for you and your guys. God will hold on to her until you get there.
Love, April

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