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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Love You/You Love Me...

I was thinking today of all of the birthday parties and celebrations we have to look forward to with Koli. This got me reminiscing about those types of events that we shared with the boys. One year my mother in law arranged to have Barney appear at D & W's joint birthday party. My boys were never into that crazy purple dinosaur and I tried to convince my mother in law that having Barney appear at a birthday party for a bunch of 7 & 8 year old boys was probably not such a great idea. She thought I was crazy, that everyone loved Barney. I still pity the poor soul that was in the Barney costume that day. Upon the announcement that Barney was in the building, W stopped in the middle of unwrapping a present, got this mischevious look in his eye that I knew meant nothing good was going to happen, let out a war cry that the finest indian chief would have been proud of and immediately ran to Barney, knocked him down and began pummeling him. The whole party erupted into utter chaos after that. L spent a good portion of the next 10 minutes pulling little boys off of the poor dinosaur.
I think about having birthday parties for a little girl and just can't imagine a group of ponytailed lil' sprites beating up on Barney.

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Christi said...

This one, for some reason, brought tears to my eyes. Family life is so beautiful. Children are so much joy...you are so blessed to be starting all again. I don't understand people who can't wait to get their kids out of the house. You are so lucky to have a husband to support you in this. Lonny is wonderful. But this time, let's make sure your little girl picks the Gingerbread Kookies over Barney. K?

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