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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Social Worker Cometh

We had our first homestudy in our home last Friday (the first two were at different locations). I suffered from insomnia on Thursday night, probably from stress. I was stressed about everything-was my house clean enough, what should I serve for lunch, etc. I was so obsessed I went out and bought the little safety plugs you plug into the outlets that are not in use. That caused L and the boys to have a terrific laugh at my expense. They kept thanking me for keeping all of them from certain death by being tempted to put something, like a fork into the sockets that were not safety plugged up to that point. I know, I know, I'm becoming a crazed woman. So anyway, the social worker was here all day, she adopted her daughter from China 9 years ago so we got to watch her video which was quite interesting. I 'fessed up and told her that we had put our house up for sale and would be moving to our house on the water. Not such a great thing to say as I soon found out. She was adamant that I would have to be able to prove to her that we would be able to keep Koli safe from the water. I tried to get her to go take a look at the house while she was up here (she lives an hour away and we have to pay mileage) but she wanted nothing to do with my one stop shopping approach. So, she will have to schedule a visit to our new home once we are all moved in and safety features are firmly put in place. At least it will not hold up our process, we can send in an addendum to the home study after it is logged in to China. So after our day of emotional exhaustion (okay so the emotional exhaustion was only on my part) L didn't even break a sweat-he kept telling me that this was meant to be and the Lord was in control of this visit so I needed to stop worrying. One thing that we did find out which was pretty cool is that our social worker is a Christian. So all things worked together for good. One more visit with the social worker and our fingerprint appointment then it is time for me to relinquish all control. Relinquishing control is not something I do well,oh the lessons I am learning through this process.

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Christi said...

You are so cute!!! "One stop shopping" I'm surprised your enthusiasm didn't convince her!

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