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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm So Dizzy-My Head Is Spinning

Betcha thought this post was going to find me breaking out in song, didn't you? Nope. But the title describes how I feel right now perfectly. Add feverish and firey lungs to the mix and that is me. Yuck. Big headache on top of everything else too. I know I need to rest and sleep but people, I have been out of the office so much lately that it is not in the cards for me to stay at home and nappy-nap all day. I will admit, it was hard for me not to jump back under my covers this morning, I swear I heard my bed actually calling my name "come back Mrs McGyver, it is all warm and comfy and your pillow still has the dent in it from your head". Did you hear that? No? Must be the dizzy, head spinny thing I've got going on then.

Being sick in my house is never easy. Dreamsicle is hyper sensitive anyway and when her mama doesn't feel good-she comes unglued. Saying goodbye to her this morning was awful. She was begging me to just hold her and "schnuggle" so that she could make me feel better. My little sweetie-if hugs could cure me, I'd be dancing right now.

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Susan said...

Feel better soon. Last night I had an "attack of the brain" mixed with a bout of nausea and being sick. The highest point Olivia can reach on me standing is my upper thigh, but, lo and behold, if she didn't grab onto me and tell me, "take it easy, mommy. You don't want to get hurt. Take it easy with one step at a time. I'll help you. Daddy, get the door so we can get in, pwease. Hurry daddy, mommy's sick." Oh, how I wish her magic could work.

Lots of hugs and feel better vibes your way!

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