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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back To The Land Of The Living

I finally broke down yesterday and hauled my snotty self to the doctor. My doctor opened the door to the exam room and said OMG-you have a brutal sinus infection. I thought she could read my mind but turns out the fact that my face is swollen to twice the size it normally is clued her in. So I'm on antibiotics twice a day. This evening I actually feel like I just might live. Strange-being as sick as I was. I don't do sick. I usually power through whatever ails me but this seriously kicked my behind. Dreamsicle and I ventured out this afternoon to the local farmers market. We loaded up on fresh fruit and have spent the evening cleaning and consuming it.

In exactly 4 sleeps Chester will board a plane from California bound for the Mitten State. For. The. Last. Time. Evah. Dreamsicle is so excited she can hardly contain herself. She keeps practicing her "rock star hands" and singing twinkle twinkle little s*tar in her best rock star low voice in preparation for his arrival. He taught her that when he was home for Grumpy Old Man's funeral and she has not forgotten it.

Since we were gone for Dreamsicle's birthday, we are going to celebrate it on our Metcha day instead. I am so excited that Chester gets to be a part of it. It will truly make the day even that much more special.

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