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Monday, August 03, 2009

Dreamsicle's Big Birthday Trip-Now Complete with More Shampu!

Yesterday I blinked and our baby turned toddler turned into a big girl. I swear, it happened that fast. Dreamsicle turned four yesterday! U*Haul and Pixie live about three hours away from Orlando so we decided that we would get up earlier than anyone really ever should have to and make the trek to Sea World. Am I ever glad we did! The day started out with us sitting in the stands for the first Sham*u performance of the day. Dreamsicle was amazed. After that we went to the kiddie section of Sea World where U*Haul proceeded to win Dreamsicle a HUGE Sham*u. Dreamsicle was super excited and yelled thanks U*Haul-I love my Shampu! Yep, the name has now stuck. My daugher will be the one in the airport carrying a 3 foot Shampu home with her. Every show that we watched seemed to build on the one before so by the time we watched the whale and dolphin show my big girl was standing on her feet, hands on her mouth (when she wasn't busy clapping) completely immersed by joy. I do not have the words to describe how happy my heart was yesterday. Being able to spend her birthday with U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea was so special. The only thing missing was McGyver. My plan right now is to wait until Chester comes home later this month then have another birthday celebration with McGyver, Chester and X*Boy in attendance. After all, what little girl wouldn't love to be able to eat cake twice?

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Susan said...

I hate I had to have a change in plans, 'cause I sho would love to eat cake with her! Glad you gals are having a nice time.

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