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Friday, August 01, 2008

Confessions of a small town girl

I'm ready to come clean....

1. I started to run under the guise of becoming "healthy" when really I knew that the only way I would get McGyver back up to the wine tasting tour that we attended last year that just so happens to go along with the 5K run was to train for it, then treat us to the wine tasting event afterwards as my reward.

2. Sometimes I intentionally make lots of noise outside of Dreamsicle's room at night hoping that she will wake up and want to snuggle.

3. I really enjoy cooking in my dutch oven. Using charcoal. On my driveway. All of the time.

4. I really did snort out loud during a recent "Meet The Candidates" event that McGyver was participating in (he is running for local office) after the comments someone made regarding there being no need for "the internet" in our area.

5. I did not plant flowers at Angel Baby's grave this year. Couldn't bring myself to. Felt guilty. Then didn't. Then drove by and saw that his urn was filled and another gigantic disposable urn was placed right next to the first one and was over flowing with flowers too.

6. I sometimes go downstairs to "lift weights" without McGyver and really don't feel like lifting but I know he is upstairs and can hear my every move so I pick weights up and bang them around every once in a while. I stay down there the same amount of time that it would take if I really was lifting but I actually sneak a book down with me and read while banging the weights.

7. I miss my boys so much that it can bring me to tears so I call their cell phones and leave them messages when I know they can't pick up.

8. I've eaten more cupcakes in the past two days then I have in the past two years.

9. I am secretly hoping a stray kitty finds its way to our house so that Dreamsicle can have a cat. She asks for one every. single. day.

10. I need a Las Vegas fix. Seriously. Not for the gambling but because the last time I was out there, I was completely robbed of my family time with my two sissies and mom due to the drama that started to unfold with the "Arrogants".

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