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Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Years Together, Forever A Family...

My dearest Dreamsicle,

Has it really been two years since you were first placed in my arms? I will never forget that day. The nervous excitement, the moment I laid eyes on you for the first time, the instantaneous love that poured out of my very soul when they placed you in my arms. All of these memories I will treasure forever.

You have come so far. The first year was a year of helping you to grow, to feel comfortable and safe. To smother you with our love and to allow you to explore your surroundings.

This past year has been incredible. You are no longer the shy, hesitant baby that was placed in our arms. You are a vibrant, joyful little girl. You melt our hearts every morning when you bounce up the stairs to our bedroom shouting "Good moining! I waked up!" and the excitement in your voice when you tell your Daddy it is time for a meal "Daddy! EEEAAAATTT Time!!" You are secure enough to let us know when you need a "schnuggo" (snuggle) and love to give kisses and hugs. The love you shower on those close to you is a gift that we all hold dear.

You are truly a gift from God and one we treasure. Thanks for loving us my darling daughter.

We love you.

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