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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost Birthday Time!

Saturday is Dreamsicle's birthday. She understands what that means this year. When I asked her what she wants for her birthday this is how our conversation went...

Me: Dreamsicle, your birthday is coming up! What would you like for your birthday?

D: Cake! Birfday Cake! Mama-Birfday Cake with Candles! And, and, and Dreamsicle will go ** (showing me how she plans on blowing out her candles).

Me: That sounds great Dreamsicle, anything else?

D: Yeah! Mama, Dreamsicle wants cream! Green Cream! And I will go (this is where she starts licking her hand to show me how she would like an ice cream cone). Oh! Oh! Oh! 'Rella! I wants 'Rella on my cake!

Me: You want ice cream and Cinderella on your birthday cake?

D: Yeah!

Me: Anything else princess?

D: A Snake.


uhall said...

i hope to see some good pictures posted after her birthday celebration...im always keeping tabs you know lol.

Jo Mom said...

We just went out and bought a nice 8 foot snake. When are you going to be home for us to bring it over? We would hate to disappoint her on her birthday! lol

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