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Thursday, March 06, 2008


There really are no words to describe the beauty of the day that U*Haul and Pixie got married. The weather was beautiful, the waves softly lapping onto the shore as they exchanged vows was incredible. Of course there was a slight "oops" moment (what event wouldn't have one of those in our family, right?) when Pixie realized that she had forgotten U*Haul's ring in the hotel room. One of her bridesmaids husband sacrificed his ring for the ceremonial portion of "with this ring" until U*Haul could get his real ring on his finger later in the evening.
After the wedding we had a small reception inside a pavillion overlooking the beach where we were able to snap some incredible sunset photos as well.
U*Haul is now in his second week of boot camp and Pixie is holding up as well as can be expected. These two really are a match made in heaven.

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