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Monday, May 01, 2006

When Two Worlds Collide

As most of you know, I work in the healthcare industry. I am seriously beginning to have adoption brain. I just read an email from one of my staff members telling me that she forgot to date stamp her LID, couldn't get to the INS or the DOR.


LID-means the same in both worlds (log in date) just different paperwork

INS-in my work world this is short for Insurance, we all know what it stands for in adoption land

DOR-in my work world this is the abbreviation for Doctor of Record, in adoption land it is Date of Referral.

How much do you think this adoption is wearing on me when I translated that into adoption speak before remembering where I'm at?

In other news...

My friend and I were bartenders at the reception of the son of someone we work with on Saturday. I have never bartended before but my friend has. Let me just say that I will forever watch myself very carefully in public social settings after being behind the bar one night. The stuff we saw and the things we heard were enough to make my toes curl. Trust me on this-you really don't realize how drunk and stupid you get until you are one of the only sober ones at a function like this. Very interesting.

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