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Monday, May 15, 2006


I have a bunch of little blurbs, but nothing big to share with you today. Here goes....

1. Remember the Floating Playpen? If you look at past posts you will find a picture of the Floating Playpen in all of it's orange goodiness. It is receiving a complete makeover. I love having a pontoon from the 1970's. I can make changes on a whim and completely change the look. The Floating Playpen will soon be painted in "Safety Red". That's right-we are painting the boat with spray paint but it sure looks good. The brown carpet is being replaced with new grey floor covering. We are swapping out the green resin chairs for white ones and replacing the permanently mounted green grill with a black/red one. I will post pictures once the project is complete.

2. I had a fantabulous Mothers Day yesterday. Was gifted and fed and treated like royalty. There was a sprinkling of sadness to the day since Chester and Dreamsicle were not present but just a small sprinkle. Chester's absence is one I will have to get used to and this will be the last Mother's Day without Dreamsicle.

3. Speaking of Dreamsicle-her nursery is just about complete. My niece will be painting the Hawaaian/surfer frog chicks on her wall this week then I will post pictures.

4. Still hopeful that our referral will come at the end of this month. I tried to be sly and weasel information out of our agency but they have been playing this game far longer than me. I did get the answer that I needed to my "what if" question but no promises that we will see our baby girls face this month.

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M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Please tell your niece to hurry, I can't wait to see the pictures of the Hawaiian/surfer frog chicks! It sounds awesome.

Keeping my fingers crossed that your referral is in this next batch. You're so close now!!!

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