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Sunday, March 12, 2006


1. Why oh why did I sign up for a quilt square exchange when I cannot, for the life of me measure correctly? I have had to beg my mother to cut out my squares for me so I am late in sending them to everyone.

2. How can I have cut the knuckle on my finger (notice the word finger, not leg) with my razor so badly that I had to apply pressure and two bandages to make the bleeding stop?

3. Why did I decide that I was going to decorate Dreamsicle's room in a Hawaiian Frog theme? The green I have purchased for the walls does not match any bedding I like.

4. Why did I post my new years resolutions on this blog? Confession time-I have not exercised, ate healthier (except for maybe twice), started on Dreamsicle's room or any of the other things I said I was going to do.

5. How am I ever going to figure out which two pair of shoes to bring to China with me?

6. Why am I still sick? 2 weeks after I first fell ill, I'm still sufferin' (poor me!)

7. When oh when will we receive our Dreamsicle referral?


Stacey Teague said...

All I will comment on is the shoes....SERIOUSLY, only bring comfy shoes. I took a pair of Keen Sandal/Shoes and a funky pair of sneakers. I wore the Keen sandals almost daily. OH and I snuck in a pair of Merrell slides...for around the hotel (which was great).

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Hawaiian frogs? Oh man, this sounds VERY intriguing. Pictures, we need pictures!!!!

April :) said...

Hang in there hon...
Your in my prayers!!!

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