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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dude, Do Ya Want A 'Samich?

I have this never ending need to try to feed homeless people whenever I travel. It all started two years ago in San Francisco when some guy asked me for change. I knew better than to give him money but he really looked hungry so I jumped into the nearest convenience store, bought a sandwich and came back out, intending to give it to him. When I tried to give him the sandwich he ran the other way. For a moment I started running after him, yelling-I bought you a sandwich! Then my common sense kicked in and I stopped. For the next hour I lugged around a sandwich wondering what to do with it. While waiting in line to board a ferry another homeless guy started reciting the declaration of independence, asking for money every so often so when he came near me, I gave him the sandwich. He took it. During the ensuing two years, in whatever major city I am in, I have the never ending desire to feed these folks. Most of the time the person will take the food. Last fall when I was in DC a woman approached me and asked if I would give her money because she was pregnant and needed to eat. Okay-she looked pregnant-like really, really pregnant-so I stopped into the Blimpie and bought her a sub and a carton of milk. When I came back out, she was a few feet away from me. I started to approach her with the food and she literally turned around, running and screaming at me to get away from her. Imagine my surprise when I saw this same woman (still looking very, very pregnant) and she approached me again last week in DC. I kid you not, she looked into my eyes and must have recognized me as the crazy lady from the year before that actually tried to give her food-you could see the recognition cross her face. She immediately turned and ran, screaming in the other direction.

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April :) said...

You crack me up!!!
Adventure follows you wherever
you go...
I'd like to take a business trip w/you one day.

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