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Thursday, December 22, 2005


I have a bunch of non related stuff swirling around in my head today. Random thoughts, observations, etc. Like....

How thankful I am that I am blessed with such a way cool extended family. Yesterday in the mail I received a nice holiday letter with pictures of my cousin, her husband and her son and a CD of Chinese childrens songs. Beautiful family. My cousin's husband is a GENIOUS when it comes to all things Asian related and they thoughtfully included the english translation of the song titles. Today I have spent my day learning the words to such snappy tunes as "Gum, Gum, Gum, Pancakes" and "Careful The Stove Is Hot". How fun is that?

We had our office Christmas party yesterday. I received a beautiful mirror for Dreamsicle's room. It is custom made and has a variety of items that actually stick to the frame of the mirror (they are magnetized). Things like stars, the sun, a frog and the word "dream" that are moveable. Way, way cool. One of the girls I work with made me a diaper wreath that had all of the little things from my baby registry attached to it. I was so touched. It was like I was having a baby shower for Christmas! Sweetie peas those girls are.

I often wonder how many people actually visit this site. I know that most of my family visits and alot of my friends as well but I rarely get comments. Why is that? My family is anything but shy in real life so I am issuing a challenge-I'm opening up the blog to topics that you want to know more about-anyone up to taking that challenge?

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