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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas with Genious, Princess and Pixie yesterday morning-everyone opened their stockings (except me, more on that later) and we exchanged our gifts with them. It was a great morning. The afternoon saw the boys scattered to hither and yon as they attended Christmas-y celebrations with their girlfriends and their families. McGyver told me that he had forgotten to pack my stocking so I was expecting a stocking full o' goodies this morning. That's not quite what happened. We got up this morning, I make my way downstairs to make coffee and see that my stocking has something sticking out of it so I start to smile. The boys all wake up and we gather in the living room to exchange the rest of our gifts. Before we open anything McGyver tells us to take a look around the room and remember this moment because this is the last time our family will look like this. Next year we will definately have Dreamsicle and we may (the Lord willing) have Chester home but odds are that we will not. I then proceed to take the gift that was sticking out of my stocking out and open it-a gift certificate to the mall-great start! I reach my hand in to get the next item and pull out.....peanuts! Thinking that this was a joke I reach in further and pull out....a bottle of coke! I turn to McGyver with a quizzical look on my face and he proceeds to turn red while telling me that he forgot to get stuff for my stocking and was going to use the (insert here the fact that I have not opened any of my gifts, just working on the stocking at this point so I have no idea what any of my gifts are) boys IPOD they got me as a substitute. As soon as he said IPOD U*Haul turns white, Chester just stares at him and X*Boy says-"way to go Dad-thanks". McGyver turned more shades of red than I have ever seen him as he realized that he had just told me what the boys had given me as a gift. Knowing what was in the box didn't curb my enthusiasm as I ripped open the box and my excitement gave McGyver a moment to regain his composure (and his normal color). We proceeded to have a terrific time opening our gifts, made our way to church and spent the afternoon at G's house (my boys name for their grandmother). McGyver and I are now home, so full that we can barely move. Even though my tummy is full, it is nothing compared to the fullness in my heart.

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Koli's favorite "aunt" L said...

Your boys are so blessed to have a house filled with so much joy and love to come home to! Just think, next Christmas, Koli will be running around with her little black pig-tails filled with joy and excitement to see "what Santa brought". What a wonderful day to look forward to!

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