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Friday, December 02, 2005

A Chesterless Birthday

Today is Chester's birthday. In honor of this day we will be holding a birthday celebration sans Chester. He is still in boot camp. In 5 days McGyver, Princess and I will be winging our way half way across the country to see this man we love so dearly but in the mean time, we will celebrate this day in honor of him. Chester came into this world on December 2nd 1986. He initially had to wait to make an entrance until his identical twin brother-Angel Baby made his presence known. Three minutes after Angel Baby arrived, Chester showed up. From that moment on, our lives have never been the same. Before Angel Baby and Chester were born, there were three of us. McGyver, X*Boy and me. X*Boy was such an easy baby and transitioned quite nicely into a toddler. Life was pretty stable and comfortable for us. With the addition of the twins our lives were filled with an energy that wasn't there before their arrival. Chester exudes a restless kind of energy even sitting still. When he was little he used to have quite a bit of trouble sitting still. One Sunday at church we were taking communion in the pews. Chester ever so carefully took his little glass of grape juice with me quietly reminding him that this was a time to show reverence, to pray silently, and to sit still. Imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes after praying to see Chester, eyes shut tight, little lips moving silently, holding his whole body tight and nothing moving but the glass. Not enough to make the juice spill, just enough to make it move. I sometimes wonder if that was what he was praying for-please don't let me spill this juice, please don't let me spill this juice..When he was in 3rd grade his teacher tried to demand that we give him Rital*in. We had him tested for ADD and he was found to just be an energetic little boy-no meds for him but I wonder if he was the reason that she retired shortly after he moved up to fourth grade. He has always been a dare devil. The kid has never met a roller coaster he didn't like or a hill that couldn't be conquered on a snow board. Chester has such a huge heart. He loves his mama and is not afraid to show it. He is emotionally strong and stable. He is committed to his career choice and if I know my Chester, he has probably helped many of the recruits with his positive attitude and ability to make people laugh. Speaking of laughing-this kid can make me laugh like no one else. He has a great sense of humour. So we will raise our glasses today in honor of Chester and then celebrate like heck with him once we get him home in a week.

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