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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pity Party is Over

I'm over my little hissy fit about delayed referrals. After having some time to absorb the news I am okay. I have immersed myself in retail therapy for the time being. I'm no longer buying clothes or shoes (sorry Mary-Mia) but am purchasing things for her room and other assorted baby items instead. Oh what fun I am having with that.

U*Haul's football team lost their second round playoff game last week. It seems very strange to have watched the last high school football game that anyone from the McGyver family will be a part of. But life moves on...

This week was the birthday of the United States Marine Corps and it is less than a month until we head to San Diego for Chester's graduation!

I was having lunch with my friend B earlier this week (Hi B!)and I was telling her this story-I'm going to try to convey the scene for you and hope that you can picture how absolutely funny it was in real life-when I go to the gym I use the treadmill. I always look at a magazine (which was resting on the acrylic magazine holder on the treadmill) while I am huffing and puffing and sometimes it is rather difficult to turn the pages. So I was going to turn the page but at that exact moment my body had a power surge and instead of gently turning the page, my hand hit the side of the magazine and sent it flying-it flew off of the magazine holder on my treadmill and landed perfectly (on the new page and everything) onto the next treadmill's magazine holder. The lady on that treadmill looked at me and asked if I wanted to share the article with her. We both started laughing so hard that neither one of us could finish our work out.

Lame post, I know, but not much happening right now.


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

That's ok, I'm on a self-imposed shoe moratorium too. It was pretty sad at first, but the pumpkin pie we've been having for breakfast is easing some of the pain now. ;-)

Recovering Wino said...

Retail therapy is good..you can never buy too much for your baby!!


www.babystyle.com: Normally it's kind of high priced, but when their stuff goes in the "50-70% off" and "70% and up" outlet/clearance section, they can have really good deals. Sometimes they have next to nothing there, but other times it can be really full of cool little girl clothes/etc.

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