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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I thought it would be a great time to list the things I am thankful for:

1. My family. Really. I have the most amazing group of men that share my life. I have a husband that loves me, 3 boy men that are respectful, compassionate, honest and hard working. My days are filled with laughter at the antics of these guys. There are times when I wonder what I ever did to deserve this kind of love every day of my life.

2. My job. Both Lonny and I are very fortunate in this regard. He own his own business and I work for a place that really cares about its employees.

3. Financial stability.

4. Pixie and Princess. These two women love U*Haul and Chester with their whole hearts-what more could a mom want?

5. My extended family. I am blessed to be able to live a mile away from my mom, my older sister (Sugar) and I crack each other up every time we talk on the phone, my sister in law (Genious) is amazing in the love that she showers on our family. My cousins are an incredible group of women. Anyone that would happen upon these ladies could not help but fall in love with them.

6. My Friends. I have friends that have been in my life since childhood and some that have come later but I could not ask for better people to share experiences with. The highs and the lows, I can count on them to be there for.

7. My health. I still can't believe that the years on the calender say I am as old as I am-I'm healthy and still feel like I'm 25 (thank goodness since we're adopting, huh?)

8. Not starting Dreamsicle's bedroom yet. I know that sounds twisted but I am very thankful that I did not push to start painting/decorating Dreamsicle's room. With the increased wait time it would have killed me to have her nursery ready, just waiting for her arrival. I can now focus on the holidays and start to get her room ready in mid January which should help pass the time.

With all of the people who have suffered through devastation this year, I truly realize how blessed my life really is. Happy Thanksgiving.

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M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Awesome list! Life is good, isn't it? :-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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