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Saturday, February 19, 2005

How did we get here?

My husband L and I are in our early forties, have three boy/men already and were just about empty nesters. Our boy/men are J-20, W-18 and D-17. J lives on his own, W is a senior and will be heading to Marine Corps boot camp this fall and D is a junior.

We were sort of looking forward to spending time together once D was safely tucked away at college, being able to travel and having no forced agenda in our lives.

About 9 months ago I awoke from a sound sleep with heart palpitations and the knowledge implanted firmly in my brain that I was supposed to travel to China to pick up my daughter. Thinking that maybe I should not have eaten that last piece of sausage/pepperoni pizza because it gave me a wierd dream, I went back to sleep. The next morning the feeling was still there. I tried talking myself out of this feeling for 3 months, praying for the Lord to take this crazy desire out of my heart. Having pretty intense discussions with the big Guy with me asking questions of Him like-Who in their right mind adopts a baby when their existing children are almost grown? and Don't you realize how old we are? So I prayed, and I prayed and I prayed. The desire did not go away and only became stronger. After 3 months of this type of discussion with Him, I approached my husband. He thought I was having a mid-life crisis or had hit menopause early and also said that I was completely crazy. I agreed with him on the crazy part but explained my feelings and how I had spent alot of time in prayer over this. He agreed to pray as well. So for the next few months he would ask me every once in a while if the desire was gone-I would answer him honestly that no it was not. After about the 3rd month of this he asked me once more if the desire was gone, I told him no and he said "I have been praying for the Lord to take the desire out of your heart and instead he has put it in mine". So that's how we got here. Two middle aged parents of 3 boys beginning the journey of their lifetime to bring their daughter, the one that the Lord has intended for them all along, home.

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