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Saturday, February 19, 2005

And so it begins...

When I first started investigating the possibility of adopting, I kind of figured that there would be some paperwork involved. Let me just say - Holy Cow!! I have made good progress in my opinion. So far I have applied for and been accepted by our adoption agency of choice, contacted the social worker to begin our homestudy, written my autobiography (L has not started his, promises to do it tomorrow) received my certified copies of our birth certificates and marriage license, applied for my passport (L already had his), gotten our notarized criminal clearance letters from our County Sheriff's Dept., will send in our I-600A application on Tuesday since mail won't go tomorrow, and L & I have gotten our blood drawn and have physical appts scheduled for Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to meet with our social worker for round 1 of 4 visits this upcoming week.

I really, really, really want to be DTC by May so I am hoping that the social worker can fit us in for our visits fairly quickly as well as hoping for a quick invitation to get fingerprinted.

If we are DTC by May, we could have Koli home for Christmas! What would be perfect would be if we could have her home for Thanksgiving but that is probably pushing it. With W heading off for boot camp in the fall, he will probably be graduating sometime in December. I am petrified that we will get our travel dates and that they will conflict with W's graduation! So I am pushing as hard and as fast as possible to get this stuff done to get a quick DTC date.

All of us would love to be able to allow W to meet his baby sister for the first time at his military graduation.

This is almost surreal, letting one of my babies go while trying my hardest to bring a new baby into this zany family.

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Christi said...

Hey, I'm with ya babe. Congratulations on your decision. This is so exciting. Yeah--I get to make baby blankets again. Hurray!!!

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