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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bad Blogger, No Biscuit

I have tried to log on a million times to update here but it seems like everytime I get a free minute I get writers block. I know, I know-this from the girl that can talk your ear off. Anyhoo-just a quick update to fill you all in on the latest Dreamsicle-isms...

Dreamsicle had an issue keeping her hands to her self at dance class one evening. It was parent watch night so I was able to be in the room. As she often does when she is uncomfortable she slyly made her way over to me for a quick hug 6 times over the course of her hour class. Each time I gently reminded her that she needed to keep her hands to herself and not touch the other little girls. After class I thought we should have a discussion about her behavior. Imagine my surprise when she told me that her brain had heard me all 6 times but her hands weren't listening.

The next week before heading into class I reminded her again about the importance of keeping her hands to herself. She innocently placed both of her hands in front of my face and politely asked me to please tell her hands myself so they knew I was serious.

Aunt Genious was taking Dreamsicle to gymnastics for me. It is our custom to stop by the golden arches for a smoothie for her to drink on the way. Aunt Genious was following the plan-pulling into the driveway Dreamsicle suddenly told her that she thought her smoothie needed a friend-french fries.

We have been talking alot about knicknames. Her knickname is Peanut (given to her by a friend of the family). She wanted to know what the knicknames were of everyone in the family that had picked her knickname so I went down the list starting with the kids-A-Boots, Big A-Ya-Ya,the Mom-Worm. When I got to the Dad I said R-Wizard. She repeats everyone's knicknames and when she gets to R's, she suddenly stops and said-Wizard? Really? He definately named himself.

She likes to wear McGyver's tshirts around the house and pretend she is a princess. The other day she put one on, made a terrible face while smelling it (she picked one up out of the laundry that he had worked out in) and proceeded to tell me the following "yuck-that is a different smell for Daddy-he doesn't usually break a sweat".

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