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Friday, September 11, 2009

This Date Will Forever Be Etched In Our Minds

This day, September 11th, will forever be etched in the minds of all Americans. I can still remember where I was-getting ready for a staff meeting-when suddenly one of my co-workers entered the conference room with such a shocked look on her face that I knew immediately something terrible had happened. She could not speak, I thought tragedy must have struck her family. She finally whispered a plea-turn on the television...please...turn on the television. I found the remote, powered the television on just in time to see the 2nd plane hit the Tower. Right then other staff members began entering the conference room-eyes glued to the tv. No one could speak. Tears began to flow. Soon, the entire 75 person staff was crowded into the conference room-trying to understand what had happened. Who could have possibly held such hatred for our country that they would want to kill thousands of innocent people? We sat there that morning and began to pray. We closed the office early that day, I know that everyone wanted to get home to their families just as badly as I did that day. When I arrived home, my boys were shaken-filled with questions. I can remember being very careful with the answers I gave them to the questions they asked. I am certain that the effects of having lived through 09/11/01 shaped my boys view of the world.
I was a chaperone for Chester's New York, Washington DC Senior Trip. One of the areas that we visited was the 09/11 site. While many of his classmates seemed to view the site much like any other historic site I sat back and watched my son stand solemnly at that big gaping hole. He removed his ball cap and whispered oh so quietly "we will never forget".
The following September 11 found my son at his first day of bootcamp. He could not forget. He felt that it was his duty to help contribute to the ongoing protection of this great country of ours. Four years and two tours in Iraq have taken place since that time. Today is the last official day of Chester's enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. We are so proud of the time he served and so thankful that he is home safe with us. The fact that he is home safe with us on today of all days is not lost on any of us. Today I thank everyone who has ever served or is currently serving in our military. And I pray for our collective family of Americans-that we never forget.

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