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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am going to work on changing the background of my blog this weekend. I opened it up today and realized that it looks a little dark and depressing-which is not who I normally am. I think I went through a dark and depressing phase with the loss of Grumpy Old Man but hey-I see the light-just in time for Fall to hit the Mitten State-which means that light will become scarce soon. Speaking of Fall, for some unknown reason I am excited for Fall this year. I am actually giddy with the thought of dressing Dreamsicle in her yummy sweaters, being able to visit an orchard and carve a pumpkin. This is the first year that I have set out Halloween decorations since Dreamsicle joined our family-in the years past she was just too timid and would not have been able to tolerate any type of scary looking (albeit fun scary) stuff hanging around the house. Not so looking forward to the white stuff that blankets our State after the Fall but I do have the Disney trip to look forward to in December so that will help. Speaking of Disney-I may be just a tad bit too excited for this trip. I have already loaded the camper for our December trip! I know it is early, but I just couldn't resist. We just need to add our toiletries and food and we can be on our way. In my defense-if you have ever tried to clean and load a camper in the middle of winter here in the Mitten State you would totally understand why I decided to undertake that project right now.
McGyver and Chester are OOT bear hunting until Sunday. Dreamsicle and I jumped into our jammies yesterday when we got home from work/daycare and lounged around all night long watching cartoons and eating junk food. It was extremely relaxing and so nice just to snuggle with my big girl. She has her pre-school open house tonight which she is totally stoked for. She starts school next Monday. Leave it to me to have scheduled an uber important loaded with future possibilities meeting for the morning of the first day of her preschool-she goes in the afternoon so I am hoping I can race back in time to take her. Those of you that know McGyver know that he is super cool but could not possibly tackle a pony tail to save his life. Well, he would tackle it, but I am not so sure what the result would look like. Dreamsicle's hair is still baby fine so if you don't use product you can't do anything with it.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the Monday uber important loaded with possibilities in the future meeting if you would please-I am more than ready to take our business to the next level!

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