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Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Not Always Easy

Dreamsicle has been such an easy child to take care of. Partly because we are "seasoned" parents, partly because we knew what to expect and were able to roll with the ups and downs that first year. This second year of her being part of her forever family has been smooth, easy sailing. Until now.

Dreamsicle is a perfectionist. With a capital P. She must have order in her life, at all costs. We try extremely hard to keep that order, that sense of normalcy and routine for her. With all of the changes that have occurred in our family recently she has regressed. Almost back to when we first came home.

I can't lie-this is tearing me up.

The birth of the little Pea was the first thing to rock her world, then U*Haul came home for a brief visit, then U*Haul, Little Pea and Pixie left her universe. Add to that the fact that Chester came home, we went camping last weekend in a new trailer, and new people/faces are showing up at the house to see Chester and you begin to get the picture of what amounts to massive amounts of change for my 3.5 year old beauty.

So I have a little cling-on who is a teary mess and begging me not to leave her side.

Back to attachment parenting 101 which we will happily do but it is heartbreaking to watch her suffer

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you!! I so wish we were closer....
Dreamsicle has had her world rocked lately, and it's rocking Momma's world too.

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