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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mama I'm Home

The sweetest words I have heard in a very long time came from Chester's mouth on Friday. He called me from Germany, then from Maine, then from Marsh Airbase, then the final call-from the parade grounds at 29 palms as soon as he got off the bus. There was such happiness in his voice, and a sense of....relief. He was met by his buddies that arrived home a few weeks earlier with the advanced team so one of them handed him his cell phone, told him to call his Mama then handed him a beer and welcomed him home. He will be arriving in the Mitten State next Friday morning-I am counting the hours until I get to actually touch him again. Although it was much calmer where he was this time versus the last time, knowing that your son is in harm's way adds this weight to your shoulders that you become so accustomed to carrying around. So much so that when you no longer have to carry that weight you don't know what to do. Worry has secretly been my closest friend for the past 7 months. I said goodbye to that friend this weekend. I actually feel lighter, more free-happier. It is a strange sensation to try to put into words for people who haven't experienced it. To my sweet friend H who has a son who just went over to defend our Country in the other land so far away-I'm here for you sister. Day or Night. When the worry sets in, I will listen. And I promise that one day you will have that weight lifted off of your shoulders as well


Anonymous said...

I love this. And I'm crying.
Can't wait to see pictures of you all together next weekend!

Susan said...

I love you to pieces. Absolute pieces. I'm glad YW is home. I'm so.so.so. glad.

Jaci said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!

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