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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mama Musings

It still gets to me. Dreamsicle is an insomniac, just like her mama. I have lost count of the times that I will wake up in the middle of the night, slowly push back the covers as to not awaken a slumbering McGyver and make my way to the computer which is located in the loft, directly outside of our bedroom. Soon, just like clockwork, I will hear the gentle tapping of Dreamsicle's feet as she makes her way up to the loft. When she hits the step that allows her vision to crest the top of the staircase, she gives me an expectant look-almost as if to say-what took you so long to come out here? She will crawl up into my lap with her lovey, stroke my face as I silently kiss her head over and over-being certain to breathe in her scent for I know that far too quickly these precious moments of bonding will be over. She will continue to grow and will not require this level of reassurance which I know is a good thing. But for now, I cherish those late night/early morning cuddles, perhaps I need them just as much as she does.

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Susan said...

You know I'm an insomniac, too. What will McGyver think when it's me and Dreamsicle plodding up the steps for some love. The three of us in a circle admiring one another before the sun comes up. You don't have to stroke my face, but you can smell me 'cause you know I won't be there forever :D

I love those moments, too. With Fabul-O they are very few and far in between.

Fingers crossed for cheap flights!

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