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Friday, April 03, 2009

Bad Dreams

Dreamsicle woke up last night after a bad dream. I heard her yelling in her room. From my bedroom it sounded like she was yelling, run from the tatoes! Hurry, hurry! The next thing I knew she was running into our bedroom, soaked in sweat. I scooped her up and wiped away her "eye drips" and asked her if she had a bad dream. She told me yes and we proceeded to talk about it. Apparently she had a bad dream about food. Those dog gone carrots and potatoes were chasing her and she couldn't get away. Anyone care to analyze that dream?

McGyver swears it must have been due to her recent viewing of a few Sp*onge B*ob S*quare-Pants episodes-he thought Sp*onge B*ob was some type of vegetable. Hmmmmm.

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