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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sailor Boy/Bubblehead

Last weekend found us in the great state of Illinois, attending the graduation ceremony for U*Haul. He finished the bootcamp portion of his Naval training and was deemed a "grad and go" which meant that we got to spend exactly 6 hours with him before he had to leave to move on to his first school. He was meritoriously promoted while in boot camp so by the time he completes all of his sub school training he will be the same rank as Chester (our Marine) if Chester doesn't kick it into high gear!

I think I stopped breathing for a minute or two when I spotted U*Haul for the first time. He looked like such a man, but still like such a little boy at the same time. I honestly think that Pixie might have actually "thrown some bows" in her effort to get out of the bleachers and into U*Haul's arms. I definately lost it when I saw them embrace as husband and wife for the first time in over 2 months. They were just too cute. U*Haul fell in love with Pixie's baby bump but I was so emotional that I forgot to take photos of him rubbing her belly.

He will be on the East Coast for the next 7 months as he finishes his training. I am hoping that he gets stationed on the West coast when his training is complete. It would certainly give this mothers heart some piece to have both of my sons on the same coast since it appears that Chester will be re-enlisting in the Marine Corps.

Speaking of Chester-he now knows his departure date for Iraq. I'm pretty bummed since he won't be going back to the same place that he was stationed his last tour. It was quite peaceful for him the last time, probably not so much this next trip. But I am confident that he will return safe and sound, after all, all of that metal he is surrounded in while in his tank has to be good for something!

I traveled with Pixie to her last OB appt. the baby's heartbeat was steady and strong at 178 beats per minute. Come on Grow Lil D! I'm thinking that my first grandbaby is going to be a girl. Cute girl name picked out already so we are good to go-just need to wait another 5 1/2 months to meet my newest pea!

Dreamsicle is really trying to exhibit some independence. She has a little stubborn streak that is emerging. She knows when she is starting to push the limits-she even asks us if it is time for her to go to time out when she has done something questionable! I am completing the preschool application right now for next year. I'm hoping she will be accepted into the two mornings a week program just to give her some more structured play time with kids. We are going to begin potty training in earnest in two weeks so wish us luck!

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Susan said...

East coast peeps ain't so bad. Ahem. I know you want them both on the same coast, but your East Coast kin folk ain't but a phone call away. May take me a few rings to get it and longer to do it, but the door is always cracked.

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