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Monday, July 24, 2006


There is some serious nesting going on around the Casa de McGyver. Every sheet, blanket, and washcloth (yes, all 22 washcloths) have been washed, dryed and put away. McGyver assembled the highchair yesterday. I have Dreamsicle's clothing choices in a pile to pack for the trip. My backpack is filled with all of the 750 gazillion things that MUST! NOT! BE! FORGOTTEN! to take with us by way of medications, lotions, potions and other assorted sundry.

I'm getting the nervous butterflies beating against my stomach again. We're getting close-I can feel it.

For those of you that have BTDT-may I please ask for a word of advice? Dreamsicle weighed in at 13.5 pounds when she had her check up in April. I'm guessing that she's not going to weigh over 20 pounds when we get her so I'm packing clothing that fits up to 20 pounds. My question is in the diaper dept. Should I take 2's or 3's? I know that I can purchase diapers once we get over there but have heard their not as absorbent so I want to bring some with me. What size would you all recommend? And on a side note-where in the heck did everyone find stacking cups? I cannot find a set of stacking cups to save my life. I've looked at Walmart, Meijer, and Target and have not been successful. Any other ideas? For toys I have a crinkle book, a hard page book, a small plush toy and a set of keys, any other must brings?

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Susan said...

Chiming in...again. At referral O weighed 14 pounds..."they" say to figure the kiddo will gain one pound per month on average in an orphanage...her med report was in Sept/Oct and we traveled mid Feb. and she weighed about 18-1/2 lbs. on her physical so it rang true for us. The clothes I took had a weight range of up to 28 lbs. b/c I wanted to be prepared. Diapers: we took size 3's and they were fine as the weight range is 16-28 lbs. We took a 40 pack of Pampers and allowed 10 for the flight home. I also had some Huggies and Luvs that were given to us shoved in any crevice I had left for space. We did buy Pampers in China and had no issues with them. As a safety for my own piece of mind, I used US diapers at night and China diapers during the day. Another family in our group bought the Chinese generic diapers and they had so-so success with them. O wasn't a heavy drinker so she wasn't a heavy wetter and poop was nonexistent for the first few days.

I found some stacking cups at Target - they were fish shaped BUT that was last fall. We bought a lot of books and stuff in China for O to flip thru and some toys that we were glad to leave behind for another family.

Oh, so exciting. Can't wait to hear you've booked your flights. Email me anytime if you have questions and I'll be glad to share anything I can.

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