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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I am beginning to experience anxiety while waiting for our Travel Approval. The CCAA has finally decided to move and different agencies are reporting different things. Our agency is stating that this move has been well planned and should not cause any delays but there are other agencies saying just the opposite. As much as I want to believe my agency, with all that we have been through already I'm inclined to think that we will get caught in the middle of this. I simply cannot bear the thought of having to wait until sometime in September to meet Dreamsicle.

I have been watching the national news and seeing the flooding that is taking place in China right now makes me anxious as well. I keep thinking of all of my blogging buddies who have just received their referrals and their babies are in orphanages in the affected areas. If you are so inclined, please keep them in your prayers that the people of that region remain safe.

I'm anxious about what to do regarding our plane tickets. Do I go ahead and bite the bullet and pay large sums of money to purchase the adoption rate tickets now or do I gamble and see what I can come up with once we know for sure when we will be traveling? With the price of fuel being what it is right now, I'm up in the air on this one (geesh, no pun intended I swear).

I need to let the people know who have emailed me with their anxiety over their take on my feelings about receiving our daughter that I really don't have blinders on. I may write on my blog all sunshine and light types of posts but in real life McGyver and I are fully prepared to deal with any issues that Dreamsicle may have. We know what the risks are and will love this lil' darlin' no matter what. We've overcome other challenges with our children and both of us know that the road may be all uphill for awhile. But when you get to the top of the hill-the view is spectacular.

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Susan said...

It sounds like you are getting in a pretty good place - a safe place, so to speak - during your wait. Always expect the worst and you can be nothing but surprised. I think sometimes peeps who read our blogs forget that we can't post 150% of the thoughts and the processes we go through at home to prepare. While I'm sure all is well meant, it sounds like you've got it together. You and McG have had "the talk" and will make whatever choices and decisions that are right for your family when they come up. Kudos to you!

The plane ticket thingy...I knew at least have the major airline ticket agents by first name by the time our tix were purchased. We opted not to do the adoption rate and were willing to pay any change fee as it was still cheaper than the adoption rate. Even with 2 weeks till departure, the tix prices weren't that much different. We used our agency's gal to do it. Next time, I'm booking my own through the airline so I can choose my seats - with her I couldn't and we had to take what were assigned to us. I even explored Lotus tours, etc. and buying from the airline was still cheaper. We were with a small agcy and only 4 families so we worked with them to make sure we got in pretty close together.

Can't wait to hear the dates are set and you are on your way to get Dreamsicle. She's gonna love the floating playpen and all you have to offer.

Lots of hugs from the L family

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