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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Update on the family

Chester graduates from Phase II of his training on Tuesday. Can you guess where McGyver, Princess and I will be heading next weekend? That's right-to Kentucky where he will be stationed for the next 3-5 months for more school. Anyone know any good hotels/restaurants in the Fort Knox Kentucky area?

U*Haul and I have been visiting colleges. We visited one last week that has been recruiting him pretty heavily to play football for them. Once we toured the campus and talked with the coaches, students and faculty we both felt like this was where he would be able to flourish, not only in football but more importantly academically. On the drive home he told me that he didn't need to tour any more campuses, this was where he wanted to be. We were both pretty excited until the next day when he got the letter in the mail telling him that he has been wait-listed. He applied too late. Please send good thought, prayers, etc his way that he is able to get in.

McGyver is in Texas visiting his Dad this week. He called me from his Dad's boat while they were fishing in the Gulf just to rub in the fact that he is wearing shorts and tank tops and I'm still bundling up in my winter Parka and boots. I keep reminding myself that we will all be down there for Spring Break and I can bask in the sun then.

The boys are out right now picking up Chinese food. We are having Chinese in honor of the Chinese New Year. I had a procedure done yesterday that has left me a little under the weather so my plan to cook us up a big old feast was scaled back to take out food from our local restaurant. In my mind I have been fast forwarding to this time next year when we will be hosting our first Chinese New Year party with Dreamsicle here to help us celebrate.

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Ms. Ginger said...

I forgot to tell you. I took some video in the Las Vegas hotels of some extraordinary Chinese New Year displays - which were breathtaking - for Koli's scrapbook. After all, you get her in the year of the dog, right? So I captured a little bit of the celebration of that year, Las Vegas style!

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