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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This and That

So have I gushed lately about how super cool my family is? I got home today and found a large box in my mailbox. My cool cat cousin and her husband had sent us a Chinese book and CD's to help us learn Koli's language! How very, very thoughtful. We are thrilled! I have already popped the first CD in and am going to put these in my car so that I can have a solid 2 hours per day of uninterrupted learning time as I travel back and forth to work.

It is official...I am beginning to look like An*dy Roo*ney. I have cancelled my hair appt three times now which also means that my eyebrows have not been waxed like they should be. I don't tweeze my own eyebrows, I'm very dangerous with a pair of tweezers-I tend to get one brow looking nice and the other will become non existent as I struggle to get it to match the first brow. So I have learned to leave my eyebrow grooming to the professionals, except when I get so busy at work that I can't seem to keep my appts. Then I start looking like An*dy. Not such a becoming look on a female.

I have a dilemna. I need to attend a conference this fall as I am pursuiting an additional certification for my job. I have the option of going to Orlando where the conference will be held at a Disney resort (can you say "Disney Freak"?) I love that place. I also have the option of attending the conference in San Diego. Yes that's right, San Diego. The same place where W will be since he will still be in boot camp at the time of this conference. Did I happen to mention that the conference is about 3-4 blocks away from the boot camp training thingy? I know that there will be 100's of bald headed Marines but there is a chain link fence that divides the street from a part of the base. Although the chance is slim, there is still the possibility that I could spot him. We have a very common last name but nobody runs like my W so I'm sure I could spot him if he was running in the vicinity of the chain link fence with his last name stenciled on the back of his shirt. I know I would not be able to speak to him or call attention to him but I just might see him. So what would you do-attend the conference in Florida that is being held at one of my favorite places in the world or attend the conference in San Diego with the hope that by walking by the base a couple of 100 times a day I could perhaps catch a glimpse of my son?


Stacey Teague said...

I would go to Disney....the chance would be to slim to see W.....but you would definitely see Mickey.... (sorry this is from another Disney-a-holic....

April :) said...

You know me... I'd go to San Diego! What's a mother to do when her baby grows up and leaves the nest? Anything to see my boys.

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