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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Okay so maybe it's not really me that's leaving....it is something even better. It is our dossier!! I paid the nice Fed Ex man this afternoon and sometime after 6:00 pm tonight our dossier will be making its way across the country to Texas to be delivered to our adoption agency by 10:00 am tomorrow morning. Woo-hoo!!! How happy can one family be? Well, our family is pretty dog gone happy tonight. I have no idea when our DTC date will be or what our LID will be (my understanding is you get your LID 7-15 days after your dossier is received by the Chinese government.) If this is true this is very good news. We could squeeze in under the wire for a June LID!! The paper chase has ended. Today is a very good day!

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Koli's favorite "aunt" L said...

What an amazing experience to be a part of...the joy and enthusiasm in Koli's family is absolutely inspiring. It is so fun to see the advancement of the adoption process, Koli's mom is the type of woman that lights up the entire room when she walks in, so each step of the process, as she bounces off the wall with love and joy, she spreads that feeling among everyone around her. It is so fun!!! And Koli's dad, well, he is a little more reserved with his feelings, but he has this "grin", that pretty much says, "don't you wish you knew what I am thinking", yet when the subject of Koli comes up, you can read right through that man, his eyes light up and you can feel the warmth and love radiating from him!

I recently watched the Lost Girls of China DVD, and goodness, I cried like a baby throughout the entire thing! To be able to watch those families proceed through the last steps in finally being able to hold this precious little girl, whom they have loved since the inital thought of adoption entered their minds, it is indescribable.

I feel nothing but respect and admiration for these selfless families that go to such great lenghts to make a precious girl's dreams come true!!

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