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Friday, January 05, 2007

Time Flies

I can remember when we first submitted our dossier to China. The time between our LID and when we received our referral for Dreamsicle seemed to crawl. The pace between referral and travel picked up. Then we met her. And now I want time to stand still. She is now 17 months old. 17 months of giggly, silly, up-up-up-up goodness. I scheduled our 6 month post placement home study visit today. That is absolutely amazing to me. Next month she will have been a part of our family for 6 months. I think back to when we brought her home. She has made such tremendous strides and I am so proud of her. But oh so sad. She is becoming so independent. She walks by herself, insists on feeding herself, brushes her teeth, is beginning to entertain herself and can mimic the Wiggles entire Yummy Yummy DVD. A part of me still wants her to remain a teeny tiny little girl who insists on being carried everywhere and needs her mama and daddy to help her with everything. But the sensible part of me knows that she is progressing at warp speed and that is a good thing. A huge thing actually.

Where has the time gone?

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